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We provide a plethora of professional, fun, and beautiful waiters and waitresses for any of your events.

Miss Feathers with you

Miss Feathers is the best agency to hire promotional staff for your small or large events. We provide a plethora of professional, fun, and beautiful waiters and waitresses for any of your events. Miss Feathers was birthed out of a need to help you ensure that your event goes hitch-free. In this sense, Miss Feathers does not just work for you, but with you.

What We Offer

We offer the following:

Fashion and Private

We have dedicated a lot of our energy to grow and develop a unique set of event staff and services that can cater to the demands of the fashion and provide market. At Miss Feathers, we have gotten together and trained some of our staff for this very role. We recognise the demand for working in a niche market and made provisions accordingly.

Bucks Party

Weddings are a big deal! Before you jump onto the wedding train, there's nothing like a last big hurrah for the groom to share with his friends. Planning a Bucks night for yourself or your friend who is soon to be hitched can be nerve-racking. Well then, you've come to the right place. Miss Feathers is the perfect element to complete the equation.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are an amazing celebration, and we love them just as much as the next person. As you celebrate your special day, we bet you want things to go smoothly. Planning a successful birthday party can be exhausting and time-consuming. At Miss Feathers, we are here to do all the heavy lifting. Our waiters and waitresses can bring that quality, smoothness, and shine to your ceremony.

For an event where you need to think and work creatively, you must hire the right promotional staff. We know that finding the right promotional staff can be challenging. If you’re looking for the best promotional staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane, then you have come to the right place. Miss Feathers is the place for you.
There’s nothing like a good entertainer to bring life into your party. There is absolutely nothing worse than having a dull party. That is why, at Miss Feathers, we are committed to providing you with an array of the most smoking hot, cheeky, flashy, and fun entertainers.
Hosting a corporate event requires professionalism, courteousness, discreet service, promptness, helpfulness, and precision. At Miss Feathers, we are committed to ensuring the success of your corporate event. We are more than adept at taking care of everything for you.
For an event to be successful, several pieces of equipment and items are needed. From glassware to cutlery, their importance cannot be overemphasised. You want to ensure that you good quality equipment for your event. However, finding this good equipment to hire can be quite challenging. Miss Feathers is here to take over all that hassle for you.

Our Partners

Getting the right equipment for your event is a necessity. It’s not something you can afford to take risks with to get the best results. Getting the right equipment will cost thousands of dollars which might be difficult for most people. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can now avoid whatever financial difficulty that you considered through equipment finance.