Wok + Wine Coming soon to Sydney

Idea: Try out a foodie event

Wok + Wine, it’s 40 people, 40 pounds of jumbo prawns, 40 bottles of delicious wine!”

A long communal table laden with the most delicious jumbo prawns ever eaten and a perfectly chilled Sauvignon Blanc. These are the ingredients that have taken Wok+Wine, a phenomenal social concept born out of New York City in 2008, to the rest of the world.”

Hosted at a secret venue (previous ones have been a library, demolition site and art galleries among others) this is all about meeting new people and eating a lot of prawns and wine. If you love secret foodie style events, you should get in quick (if there are tickets remaining). If I didn’t already have plans, I’d be heading to this in a flash. If anyone’s going, tell me how it is!

It’s on February 17th in Sydney, is $40 and is limited to 40 people. And there’s one going on in Melbourne on the 10th (these are the first ever ones in Australia). I’ll head to the next one for sure!

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  1. Simon Food Favourites says:

    sounds like a pretty good deal if you love prawns which i do :-)

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