The Passage’s 1st Birthday Party & some drinks before at the recently refurbed Kings Cross Hotel

The Kings Cross Hotel has had a face lift and doesn’t it look all the better for it? It’s become younger, trendier and has lots of different levels. Also home to FBi social, the Kings Cross Hotel is once again a place to suggest going to for a few drinks or some live music. We catch the elevator to the rood top level and end up surrounded by tiki chic. There’s hanging bird cages with lights in them, tonnes of fairy lights, pots plants and beach side lounges. The cocktails match this decor and are sweet, over the top with lots of fruit garnishes, but all very easy to drink.

I drink the happy hour $10 Queen of the Bordellos, Russian standard Gold, Sauza, Contreau, De Kuyper peach schnapps, citrus. This one is loaded with twirls of orange peel, as well as a cherry and disappears fast. More of a summer drink (complete with it’s fruit salad on top), on this quite chilly night I almost want to put my gloves on to drink it, but like all of the cocktails we try, it’s a very tasty, girly drink. Again, the Fifty Fifty Club Margarita ($10 during happy hour), Sauza, pomegranate and citrus, is a fruity, sweet, easy to drink cocktail. It’s still quite early, so it’s far from packed, but during summer with these cocktails and the open area, this would be perfect to while away a balmy night. I’ll have to make a mental note to head back in a few months time.

Miss S and I troop off to The Passage, which is celebrating it’s 1st Birthday! We get there fairly early and soon the entire place is so packed that you can’t move. One of the dangers of the corridor like shape of the Passage I guess. There’s an open bar (always dangerous for restraint), including cocktails and canapes making the rounds. The canapes don’t last long and one member of the bar staff is a little overwhelmed, but considering the number of people squeezed in, I would be too if I were her. We manage to get some deep fried prawn pieces and a few other bits, which are all very good quality and stick with the sparkling for our beverages. We secure a table, complete with mushroom, astroturf, candles and carnations in small bottles. It’s a great look and matches the enchanted forest theme. The staff are dressed as fairies or other creatures and have great face paint. We both love the look and mood they’ve created for the night and it’s a lot of fun.

We get sick of being elbowed and are starting to get more than peckish by this stage and end up at Mad Pizza. All in all a good night. I even end up making the last ferry home.


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  1. sugarpuffi says:

    happy hour drinks~! dont u love them <3

  2. Mrs eats a lot says:

    Love the toadstools. So cute.

  3. Gina L says:

    Lovely photos. Looked like fun.

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