Thai in Manly Town that’s byo, cheap and delicious

Serving all your favorites, as well as other dishes with names such as Morning glory with crispy pork and Explosive eggs, Mortar & Pestle in Manly has extremely tightly packed tables and continues to buzz all night. Dimly lit with an open kitchen, you’ll find that Mortar & Pestal has an extensive menu that covers all of your usual favourites such as chicken chili with cashew and more. I’ve been here countless times and it’s great for a large or small group. It’s byo and also does takeaway. Perfect!

The Boy and I order the Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, holy basil chicken ($15.90) and heavenly beef ($15.90). The Vietnamese fresh spring rolls are full of the usual fresh and crunchy ingredients with lots of mint and are dipped into loads of chlli. My holy basil chicken is minced chicken flavoured with lots of chili, ginger and other spices that quickly fills you up. My only complaint being the lack of vegetables in this dish. The heavenly beef is tender and served with crunchy greens including beans and broccoli. Most mains are served on a green blanket of banana leaf, which, along with the modern decor elevates your dining experience, even if your table is bumped every so often by the waiters. Although you’ll need a jumper if you’re sitting near the open wall in the colder months, I strongly recommend going to this Manly Thai establishment at least once. Especially if you’re a local.

After Mortar & Pestle we decided to have a wander around Manly to walk off the food and happened to stumble upon the Friday night Manly World Food Market. We attempted to get a banana and nutella filled crepe, but they had just served their last crepe. Uh oh. But, crisis averted, we spied the Danish Pancakes (poffertjes). Because the markets were closing, we managed to get the last order in. Yay! We chose banana and chocolate for the topping and managed to eat all of them extremely fast using the toothpicks supplied. They were hot off the pan, crunchy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. Eating them underneath the multi coloured lights fairy lights and trees made a beautiful foodie moment in Manly on a Friday night. And best of all, it was a night friendly on my often over abused bank account.

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  2. Sandy says:

    I go here ALL the time. Cheap, tasty, in the centre of Manly. Perfect. I would recommend too. Those poffertjes look yum! I want some!

  3. wow, thai restaurant that does Viet fresh rolls…. how was it?

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