Sushi Hiro in Freshie Village

We were after a local quick eat to catch up. I realised that I still hadn’t been to Sushi Hiro, which in Freshwater Village is extremely popular. It’s the new kid in town. It’s something different. My friend orders the Hero sushi bento set and I order the udon sushi set. Both meals are large. And cheap. Yes, the sushi isn’t fresh; you can tell because it falls apart when you pick it up. It’s isn’t freshly made rice that sticks together. But it isn’t bad. It’s fine sushi. The udon soup is nice, a little oily, but the tempura sprinkles, seaweed and noodles are all perfect. It’s certainly no Ryo‘s or Menya Mappen, where they are made fresh before your eyes, but for Freshwater’s only Japanese place, it’s good. And about time. Don’t expect too much from it and you’ll have a good, quick, cheap meal here. It’s good Japanese for the ‘burbs.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Good to see that Freshie village is getting some new places to eat.

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