Spend the day on a yacht in the harbour

Idea: Accept an invitation aboard a yacht in the Harbour and try to cram far too much into one day/ night

A quick flight home from Adelaide back to Sydney, drop off of bags, then we headed straight down to Hugos in Manly. The Pimms Cocktail at Hugos is fantastic, they’re one of the few places in Sydney to do Pimms properly. This means with slices of fresh apple, orange, cucumber and more. Perfect for the fab weather we got on Saturday. We all shared some of their thin based pizzas, the vegetarian ones were great, as well as the one with chilli prawns and other bits and pieces. I have to admit to having food envy of the meal sitting in front of me, which was grilled Atlantic Salmon with some kind of pea puree around it. It looked amazing, but I decided to keep my eyes on my own plate for fear of getting attacked by a fork.

Hugos in Manly is a great place to be on a sunny day, with great views of the ferrys coming in (as well as our yacht that we were about to climb aboard). The only problem is that on really hot days your legs will get stuck to the plasticy long share chairs. This will hurt when it’s time to get up.

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Next up we grabbed some bottles of Champagne and boarded the yacht. Now, I don’t know much about boats. Not at all. But it was big. I mean BIG. We were suitable impressed. My friend and I spent the next half an hour taking silly photos all over the boat and giggling like little school girls. Then we sat back and relaxed. There’s nothing nicer than sitting on a boat on Sydney Harbour on a beautiful sunny day. It was a bit windy towards the end, but most of the afternoon was perfect. We had the music blasting, conversation and Champagne flowing. I even managed to get the Champagne all over me when we were passing between the heads. But boating is fun!

We had every intention after our little boat party to get changed and head to a Jungle themed party at Lo Fi. But… we didn’t quite make it there. We had the costumes and everything. But before we knew it, it was quite late. We docked into Rushcutters Bay and the party was just getting started onboard, but being land loving girls, we decided to jump ship. So we headed off to Darling Harbour.

After a little bit of a walk, we ended up at THE funniest club/ bar in Sydney. The Shelbourne Hotel. There was a podium to dance on. A stand selling sausages outside the door. A cover charge – not quite sure why??? And there were lazers- everywhere! Quite funny. We got our trashy dancing on, all the while I was making a mental note of never coming back here again. EVER!

Next up, I was off to a balcony overlooking Manly Beach to watch the sunrise and talk absolute rubbish with good friends. Some time after sunrise, we decided that Sunday was looking like a good day to sleep! It was quite a big day/ night.

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    No, she's not an alcoholic.. and I'm not related to her!! She wuz brought up good & proper, she wuz… I swear! Really!!GP (no relation)

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