Small Bar and curly fries at Stitch

Mr B tell me that I’m not allowed to “bag out” the CBD Erskine Street Small Bar. So instead I’ll try to fucus on it’s merits. It’s a small bar. And I like small bars. We were there to catch up with high school friends that I haven’t seen in forever. And I like seeing old faces and gossiping about who has had babies and weddings and big person stuff like that. I like the vibe: loud and fun. Or was that just us? I like the quirky touches as any small bar should have.

What I didn’t like was the wine. We couldn’t resist ordering the 2009  Bogan Shiraz  Hunter Valley, NSW ($29). Who doesn’t love the name? It smelt and tasted like licking your favourite Southern Cross tattooed friend after a night of footy training. A sweet, vinegary concoction high on sugar, low on body or depth. We figured we could do no worse than the Bogan and ordered a 2009 Nanny Goat Pinot Noir Central Otago, NZ ($55). I know what you’re thinking already. Um… you fell for the funny name again. Well, yes. Yes we did. It was worse than the Bogan. If that’s possible. It was lightly fizzy, and tasted like the toe jam found between the Bogan’s toenails. It smelt better than the Bogan, but that was all. Both were very hard to drink. Our last bottle was an improvement, but after the first two wines, we would have drunk anything.

The Antipasto plate with a selection of meats & marinated vegetables ($18.50), Cheese board ($19.50) and Trio of dips with warm Turkish bread ($12.50) were all enjoyable. The pulled pork on the meat plate was particularly succulent, the beetroot dip was a stand out and the cheeses were a good selection. We asked for some more breads and crackers and were given them free of charge. The creamy dip was a bit strange and looked/tasted like a pureed Woolies creamy potato salad. But judging by how fast we ate everything, bar this strange white dip, it all must have been pretty good.

We moved onto Stitch for some cocktails and Curly fries covered in American Mustard and tomato sauce and had a messy eating session. Suddenly it was home time (it was a weekday night after all). I hope we all make sure we meet up again. Everything’s changed so much since High School.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention, after a few glasses of Bogan, Mr B asked me to mention that he’s single. However, after realising that this wasn’t a dating site, he retracted his offer, but is still single. And looking.

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