Sixteen and another new bar on the North side

I was going to write a witty, scathing review of Sixteen. But you know what. I don’t feel like it’s really worth that much effort. So I’m going to write a lazy review of what I thought was just plain lazy food. It was absolutely pouring with rain the night the Boy and I went and I was drenched, but decided to be a trouper and still go out. We wanted somewhere a bit special and decided to treat ourselves to Restaurant 16, which was within minutes of his old apartment. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so the images are pretty poor quality, but I’m sure you can use your imagination:

Our wine order was forgotten, despite Sixteen being a tiny restaurant. The wine was pricey, just like the food. The only other people in the restaurant were strangely tourists. It wasn’t a welcoming environment, despite the intimate size of the restaurant.

The Boy ordered Pappardelle ($26) with beef/ pork ragu, ricotta, tomato and parmesan and I ordered the special pappardelle with crab ($38). Mine was light on crab and quite frankly a rip off. His was fine. Both were light on flavour. And the pasta was overcooked. Seriously. You just don’t overcook pasta. This is all I feel about writing about Sixteen. I was disappointed to say the least. You can’t get away with this these days. There’s just too many dining options. Gloupy is not a word I like to attach to the word pasta.

The highlight of the night was a cozy, new little bar within strolling distance: Honey Rider. Funky frames, artworks in the bathroom, upside down pot plants and a good wine list. They were doing their photo shoot the night we went there, but this was the sort of bar that I could imagine spending a night in (were I not soaked head to foot and needing to get out of wet clothes). We made a mental note to return again, but not to Sixteen. Finally more cute bars on the north side of the bridge. Honey Rider has a Surry Hills shabby chic aesthetic and that with it’s good wine list means it’s going to be the next big thing in the small bar scene.


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2 Responses to “Sixteen and another new bar on the North side”
  1. Suzi Brad says:

    Finally somewhere that I want to drink on the nprth shore. I’m sick to death of hte too slick places available.

  2. Stephen says:

    Miss Feather must have been in a rotten mood the night she went to Restaurant 16 as EVERYONE else loves it.

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