Darlie Laundromat, relax with a drink amongst the washing

Darlie Laundromat has music, art, simple cheap eats and some cheap beverages to consume amongst the hanging washing. I like the share house vibe and it reminds me of many of my friend’s houses during uni. I feel at home here. The food is made in a small side area, either salads or food heated up with a large sandwich press, such as mini dogs ($4-$5) or a mushroom steak sandwich ($15). I’m meeting Miss S for a few drinks before heading out to dinner so we stick to drinks.

Is this one of the trendy places to hang? Sure is. Keeping the original Dry Cleaning sign outside (just to confuse those not in the know) and some of the associated accoutrement (minus the machines) this place screams too cool for school. Granny chic is in and this place has plenty of it. Retro tea-towels (the ones usually found in Vinnies) hang up to dry above your head and you can still check out the price list for a good tumble dry. With Tsing Tao going for $5 and a couple of house cleanskins going for $6, Darlie Laundromat is definitely friendly for those still at uni or with not too much cashola. The rest of the wine list is small (like the food list), but an extensive wine list is not why one would come here. If you’re after a quirky, low key drink then this is your place.



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  1. Chris D says:

    Sounds like a good place for a cheap drink.

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