Cocktails at Water Bar, then far too much food at Puntino Trattoria in Woolloomooloo

Woolloomooloo, it’s one of those places that no one can spell. Sheet, toilet, cow, toilet. The Boy and I have decided to meet up after work in that place that no one can spell for drinks and dinner. It’s World Cocktail week, so I order a Ruby Rose ($19), muddled pink grapefruit & raw sugar, tanqueray 10 gin, peach liqueur & campari. shaken & served straight up & capped with a rose & champagne foam at Water Bar in Blue Sydney Hotel. Blue Bar has an extensive drinks list and the cocktails are made well. My Ruby Rose has an amazingly thick cocktail foam on top that leaves me with a white moustache. It’s a fun cocktail to drink and has interesting flavours. The Boy seemed happy with his beer as well.


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I like the converted rustic wharf building with it’s blue and red lights around the bar. We are given table, or rather, booth service. It is extremely early on a Tuesday night when we are there, so it’s hardly crowded. There’s no music when we arrive (very early!) but I still enjoy the ambiance. Then, before we know it, we realise that we’re already late for our dinner reservation. We quickly get to Puntino Trattoria and prepare ourselves for the food to come. We have the Spreets deal, so we know it’s going to be great value. We open the bottle of red I bought that day up in Potts Point (a Barossa skin pressed shiraz), which works perfectly with the masses of food that come. I order the special of the day entree with clams and The Boy orders a very cheesy, garlicky starter and we are both full already! Uh oh we think. Then the pizzas come out, The Boy orders an extremely meaty one (with pepperoni, salami and more) and I order a half, half of: zucchini, prawns and basil and the other half: balsamic vinegar, grated lemon zest, ricotta and pinenuts. I have to say that even now, I’m confused as to whether the balsamic and lemon zest work. It was definitely a strange combination. The pizzas were huge. I mean huge. We looked at them and realised that even with my big appetite, there was no way that we were ever going to be able to finish them. Thank goodness for doggy bags.

By this stage, I thought my stomach was going to explode. We were making groaning noises. But we still had dessert to come. The tiramisu for myself and chocolatey cake for The Boy. The food was all good, extremely filling and large serves. It wasn’t high cuisine, but it wasn’t trying to. With very reasonable prices, even more reasonable with our special, we realised that 2 cocktails at Water Bar cost the same as our dinner, including corkage. We managed to then stagger into a taxi, nursing our swollen bellies, pizza box of leftovers in hand.

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2 Responses to “Cocktails at Water Bar, then far too much food at Puntino Trattoria in Woolloomooloo”
  1. The Boy says:

    was great pizza – made a good breakfast/lunch too as well :)

  2. Penelope W says:

    I know that too much Italian food style of full!

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