Oh la laaa at Slide


Did someone say oh la la? Ahhh oui, bien sur mon amie! Miss Feathers and her man were recently treated to quite a show at Slide’s Darling Take me to Paris recently. And her man, who didn’t quite know what he was getting himself in for had a lot of fun watching a troupe of Moulin Rouge style sexy ladies dance and sing, oh,... Read More

Getting all social – at the Gin Mill Social


Slide is going all prohibition on us on Thursday nights. You’ll enter via the side door (so the cops don’t notice) and after pulling back the curtain, you’ll enter their Gin Mill Social drinking den. There’s the usual Slide style entertainment – burlesque performers, magicians, a guy balancing chairs on his chin, and some slightly different ones –... Read More

The Animal Hotel: A Lunch For A Lion


The recently renovated Animal Hotel on King Street (in Newtown) is all Greek food meets animal decor. From the sign outside the restaurant, written on a clear case filled with bright yellow rubber duckies, to the food, to the people watching from the wrap around balcony, fun is what it’s all about. As I hadn’t heard much about The Animal Hotel, I was intrigued to try their menu.... Read More

Discover…The Foxtrot!

Picture 1

Sometimes the best discoveries are those we stumble upon accidentally. For instance take Alexander Flemming’s discovery of penicillin, Thomas Edison and the light bulb… and me and The Foxtrot. I was walking back to the car one evening after a particularly delightful dinner in Crows Nest when I happened to glance a sign hanging from an old-school lamp-post. Inspired suddenly... Read More

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Melbourne


If by some peculiar happenstance, or perhaps if the Roman Gods of comedy deposit you in Melbourne, there is nothing I can more highly recommend than watching Geoffrey Rush perform in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Never heard of it? Doesn’t matter! One of the lesser known Stephen Sondheim productions, A Funny Thing Happened... Read More

Q&A with musician Jackson Dyer

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Miss Feathers and her lovely writers found out about Jackson Dyer last month when he performed at one of The Smallest Gig performances and did a write up on him. Last Friday he launched his EP The Child and the Sea at The Space, a bar in Manly, last Friday (5th October). I was lucky enough to have an email chat with him direct from Brussels about what comes next. Tell us a bit... Read More

The Smallest Gig: Winter Ball


Last Sunday night Rose Bay became home to The Smallest Gig’s monthly shindig. Sydney-siders travelled deep into the eastern suburbs to find an aged, cozy mansion for a winter ball. Shoulder to shoulder, we sat together surrounded by romantic candle light, while sipping soup and wine, listening to Sydney’s best up and coming artists (handpicked by organizers Holly and Eloise). The... Read More

Paul Greene @ Notes Live


On Friday night we got together for a ladies night in Newtown, the home of live music, bars, unique people and the liberation to dress and express as you feel. We ventured to Notes Live – (another) live music venue in Newtown, to relax with the ladies and a glass of wine while enjoying the acoustic sounds of singer/song-writer and musician Paul Greene. Notes... Read More

Sydney Rock n’ Roll and Alternate markets


The Sydney Rock n’ Roll and Alternate markets is without a doubt one of the most unique and intriguing gatherings that Sydney has to offer. It was on again last Sunday, and as usual, it was like spending the day in a strange nostalgic world. Circulating through the crowd, you couldn’t help but feel like you had stumbled onto the set of a 1950’s period drama. Never in my life... Read More

Biennale Bar @ Pier 2/3 – Programmed by dLux MediaArts


Pier ⅔ is simply made for pop-ups. Its cavernous space is a blank canvas that lets you have your way with it, like that best friend of yours who is always willing to be a part of your latest crazy idea, even when a sane person would tell you to go and seek therapy instead. The space is already currently decked out with artworks from the 18th Biennale of Sydney and Tiffany Singh’s... Read More