The Hartsyard Bar


I’d read about Hartsyard ‘urban farm kitchen,’ checked out the menu online and been following the picture perfect Instagram updates for a while. Needless to say, it was high on my to visit list. And it certainly did NOT disappoint!   We took an early booking due to our lack of planning (there’s early and late bookings, as well as communal seating... Read More

The Animal Hotel: A Lunch For A Lion


The recently renovated Animal Hotel on King Street (in Newtown) is all Greek food meets animal decor. From the sign outside the restaurant, written on a clear case filled with bright yellow rubber duckies, to the food, to the people watching from the wrap around balcony, fun is what it’s all about. As I hadn’t heard much about The Animal Hotel, I was intrigued to try their menu.... Read More

Urban Comforts at Urban Bites


In the almost ten years I’ve lived in Sydney, I’ve grown to be quite a connoisseur when it comes to good cafes (if I do say so myself). So, I hear you ask, what are the two things that I look for on a café’s menu? Simple. Chai Lattes and pancakes of course. I have to say that they are what determines my opinion of a café, and whether or not I decide to return. Urban Bites... Read More

Paul Greene @ Notes Live


On Friday night we got together for a ladies night in Newtown, the home of live music, bars, unique people and the liberation to dress and express as you feel. We ventured to Notes Live – (another) live music venue in Newtown, to relax with the ladies and a glass of wine while enjoying the acoustic sounds of singer/song-writer and musician Paul Greene. Notes... Read More

Ferragosto: Italian Festival in Five Dock


After a Sunday sleep-in followed by a lazy brunch and chin-wag with an old friend, we braved the cold weather yesterday to check out the Italian Festival in Five Dock “Ferragosto” the annual August holiday and celebration meaning “feast of the assumption”. Getting there was easy enough but finding a park proved more difficult, after circling... Read More

Sydney Rock n’ Roll and Alternate markets


The Sydney Rock n’ Roll and Alternate markets is without a doubt one of the most unique and intriguing gatherings that Sydney has to offer. It was on again last Sunday, and as usual, it was like spending the day in a strange nostalgic world. Circulating through the crowd, you couldn’t help but feel like you had stumbled onto the set of a 1950’s period drama. Never in my life... Read More

La vin degustation du le Tour de France


The Boy booked a wine tasting. But it wasn’t just any wine tasting. This one followed the Tour de France route around France and had matching food. Perfect. It was held at the Sydney Wine Centre in Annandale. We begin with some French cheeses and a glass of Champagne and mingled with some other French wine obsessed... Read More

Noodles, dumplings and a fight in Newtown…


It’s not often that after just moments of seating yourself in a restaurant an abusive patron begins to yell at the owners of the restaurant “you made an 8 year old girl wait 1/2 an hour for her food!! An 8 year old!” Ooook…. now back up a little bit here Mister. It seemed a bit too early for this kind of behaviour. It was a Thursday night and it was just... Read More

RocKwiz at the Enmore


The Boy and I had dinner at Jalepeno in Enmore before RocKwiz on Friday night. Chosen because it was literally within a 1 minute walk of our end destination (which was across the street) and the Boy was in the mood for Mexican (although it was Texmex). I have to say that I was pretty hungry and didn’t feel inspired to take any photos of my food (it also didn’t have the... Read More