Oh la laaa at Slide


Did someone say oh la la? Ahhh oui, bien sur mon amie! Miss Feathers and her man were recently treated to quite a show at Slide’s Darling Take me to Paris recently. And her man, who didn’t quite know what he was getting himself in for had a lot of fun watching a troupe of Moulin Rouge style sexy ladies dance and sing, oh,... Read More

World In Focus: The lands through a lens


What’s better than the words ‘pop-up’ and ‘exhibition’? The words ‘pop-up photography exhibition’ together of course! The World In Focus exhibition located in Clocktower Square down at the Rocks will be open for viewing until the 1st of January 2014. The exhibition brings together the work of acclaimed Australian... Read More

My Sweet Memory: Oh So Sweet!


I recently discovered a little café in the Sydney CBD (Bathurst Street) that truly embraces everything cute and quirky. My Sweet Memory is part desert café, part stationary shop. I had previously heard about a dessert/ stationery shop, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that such an odd enterprise would work. When I walked into My Sweet Memory, however,... Read More

Vivid lights up Sydney


      The Vivid Festival is in full swing at various points along the Sydney Harbour line. It is a spectacular for the eyes and ears, which runs from May 24 – June 10. These free events begin at 6pm every night until midnight. Although this incredibly popular festival has been operating for years, I hadn’t heard of it until a few... Read More

Getting all social – at the Gin Mill Social


Slide is going all prohibition on us on Thursday nights. You’ll enter via the side door (so the cops don’t notice) and after pulling back the curtain, you’ll enter their Gin Mill Social drinking den. There’s the usual Slide style entertainment – burlesque performers, magicians, a guy balancing chairs on his chin, and some slightly different ones –... Read More

Bon Bon Cafe: It’s a cracker!

bon bon=600x400

Every now and again, I come across a café which I am a little reluctant to disclose to others. This is because I greedily enjoy the quiet ambience and good service, while being directly under the footfalls of Pitt Street shoppers. The source of this ambience is found at the Bon Bon café. It is situated under the Bon Bon chocolate store, where the Strand... Read More

The End of the World at the End of The Wharf


How did you spend the End of the World? (Capitals warranted because the Mayans, while wrong, did manage to make quite a fuss thousands of years after they made the prediction). If you’d chosen the Bar at the End of the Wharf, you would have chosen well. Not only were we treated to symbolic word play simply by being there, we also took part in a good-natured countdown at the... Read More

The Trap is reset: The Mousetrap


On a starless and drizzly night, dressed in a green flapper dress and buckled vintage heels, I made my way through the city to the theatre. I don’t go to the theatre as often as I’d like, but this play was special and definitely one worth waiting for. The longest continuously running play in the world, ‘The Mousetrap’ made its way to Sydney for the first time this year with... Read More

The Rocks Cafe


I haven’t lived in Sydney for that long yet, but I have to say that one of my favourite, and I mean favourite, places is The Rocks Cafe at The Rocks (because it would be weird if it was anywhere else). This is one of THE places on my list when anyone comes to visit, and it’s become a tradition in my world of cake loving. I would... Read More

Lost in Chinatown: Crazy Wings and N2 Extreme Gelato

DSC_2903 copy

Getting lost, depending on the circumstances, can have either a positive or negative effect on your night. For us, heading out into Chinatown on a cold Thursday evening and getting lost turned quickly into a memorable night. Pics by one of Miss Feathers’ Friendly Crew: Josie Farquharson After hearing a few friends rave about a new Japanese restaurant... Read More