Flavours of Vietnam


So I have a confession to make. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to show my face again in the Grace Hotel. Something to do with the night my friends and I stayed there after the Burlesque Festival one year. We may have gotten some pretty strange looks from staff in our outfits when we returned to our rooms that night… It was fancy dress I swear! But they seem to have... Read More

Time for some Chop Chop


Chop Chop. What can I say about you? I can say that there is an air of excitement in the office when Mr N suggests riding his bike to you to pick us up some tasty rolls for lunch. We have converted most of the office to your ways. That we scramble to get $6.50 out of our bags and start thinking about whether we want pork roll or meatballs or something else. The fillings are jam... Read More

Dancing with dinosaurs at Jurassic Lounge makes you Phamish-ed


I figured with only two weeks let of Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum, I had better get there quick smart (at the time this was first published).  Miss S and I arrived at the Museum straight after work (6pmish) and there was no queue, but still enough people to create a good vibe. We got our free drink (included in the $15 entry price) and began to wander around. You suddenly... Read More