Bistro Avoca in Randwick


Last night the food bloggers were rounded up and trooped off to Randwick. Randwick you say. Yes. Apparently there was a newly opened restaurant (opened in June 2011) that we simply had to try out. Ok, we thought. Lets go. Bistro Avoca, on Avoca Street is in the heart of Randwick. Somewhere it has to be said that I don’t usually head to. I was looking forward to seeing what... Read More

Breakfast by the beach at Sandbar


We usual come between choosing Manly or Beach Why beachfront for a weekend brunch. Miss H decided on Sandbar and off we were for a lazy weekend brunch in the beautiful unseasonable weather of late. I strolled up and down the beach before hand and was even slightly worried that I hadn’t put any suncream on. We chatted over coffees, when they finally arrived after having some... Read More

Auckland long weekend away


So I wont go into detail about how we got stuck there just for a little bit longer because of the volcanic ash cloud, but what I will tell you about is the amazing food and wine that we had there. We stayed in Auckland and spent our first night at the Sky City Orbit restaurant, after checking out some of the “ultra classy bars” on offer near the casino area. The tuna,... Read More



We begin in Lotus’ bar and settle in to it’s with its Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, back lit resin bar and mirrored tables. It’s full of understated sleekness. We are given help with the cocktails and I order the suggested lotus martini ($18), zubrowka vodka, teichenne peach, passionfruit, apple juice and the Boy chooses a rockstar ($18), aperol, plymouth gin,... Read More

District Dining after a few drinks at Forresters


We booked a table for District Dining and met for drinks beforehand at Forresters. This is a great, quirky place, with a faux fireplace on a screen, a fixie bike as a prize hanging above the bar, lots of owls and bits and pieces around the bar, some strange low car – chair like seats and a really nice outdoor section with another bike and painted words on the walls. We easily... Read More

A drink with Hemingway and the Manly Food and Wine Festival


Hemingway’s Bar on Manly’s Beachfront tells you to: “come down it’s mad.” Well, I better do as Mr Hemingway says or he’ll get mad! The Manly Food and Wine Festival seems like a good chance to do this. We decide to check out the festival first and head into Hemingway’s Manly when the weather turns for the worse. We stroll around the festival,... Read More

Ballet, eats and Vivid Festival on a Friday night


Unfortunately Fratelli Fresh was as per usual, completely packed. There was going to be a 45 minute wait and we had Body Torque (Australian Ballet Company) to get to just down the road in Walsh Bay. We decided to go somewhere new and inexpensive looking (well, for the area). We strolled down Hickson Road in the direction of Sydney Theatre Company and came across Larrikin’s... Read More

Eating and drinking our way to Broken Hill and back


Just a word of warning, there are going to be a lot of photos for this post! (And many more that I haven’t put up). The Boy and I decided to drive to Broken Hill for the Easter/Anzac Day long weekend. 5 days off work, utter bliss. Hearing what those who stayed in Sydney for the weekend did, we were glad we got out of it. It rained in Sydney for the whole break, but on our... Read More

Tomislav-ing it up


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Chef Tomislav Martinovic’s cooking at Tomislav after being aware that he has worked at Aria with Matt Moran, Bennelong with Guillaume Brahimi and Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck. Quite an impressive resume. Tomislav is described on its website as being influenced by all three of these restaurants and as “neat, yet unpretentious,... Read More

Watch out Batman! We’re heading to Gotham and that will be just Hunky Dory!

bar area

To set the scene, it was The Boy and I’s 1st Anniversary. I won some tickets to musical comedy at The Comedy Store, so we needed somewhere to have a few drinks and some food before. I suggested Gotham, followed by The Hunky Dory Social Club (isn’t that the best name ever?) Gotham (obviously very quite at 6pm on a Thursday night) has it’s large, distinctive Gotham-esque... Read More