An authentic Japanese experience at Sushi Samurai in Cremorne (except for the green tea “tiramisu” that is)


The girls and I had our ramen cravings again. Yes again. A common occurrence amongst my circle of foodie friends. We had a problem though, Ryo’s was closed! Relocated to Hong Kong airport. Disaster! After hyperventilating for some time, we decided to head down to Cremorne and search for some noodely offerings there. We had all been wanting to head down the weird alleyway (which... Read More

Sushi Hiro in Freshie Village

Sushi Hiro sushi

We were after a local quick eat to catch up. I realised that I still hadn’t been to Sushi Hiro, which in Freshwater Village is extremely popular. It’s the new kid in town. It’s something different. My friend orders the Hero sushi bento set and I order the udon sushi set. Both meals are large. And cheap. Yes, the sushi isn’t fresh; you can tell because it... Read More

Dugustation at Tokonoma


We walk through a curtained doorway into the honey coloured curved, sleek wood interior that is Tokonoma, situated next door to Toko. There is soft lighting and Reni Jung’s shimmering 11-metre sculpture, Water, featuring 500,000 lentils set in resin. We are seated in an intimate booth beside this artwork (which we’re pretty sure kept on making an electronic beeping noise…... Read More

Menya Mappen Madness and a Spanish Cat

Menya Mappen udon

Idea: Grab a quick Japanese meal before running off to a Spanish lesson In case you’re confused about what’s going on, there’s instructions. Cute, Japanese pictures to guide you through your eating experience. Make sure you return your tray like a well behaved diner. There’s some old school Japanese movie posters as decoration, but apart from that it’s... Read More

Ramen Heaven at Ryo’s

I’m in love. With Ramen and a little restaurant. It all started innocently enough at 10am this morning with Gmail chat. What started as 1st week back at work of 2011 boredom soon lead to talks about being hungry, to Japanese food, to the chapter on noodles in one of the books that I just in read Sushi and Beyond, to Ramen, leading me to quickly look up Japanese restaurants,... Read More

The girls food and booze tour of Manly

Idea: Grab the girls and do a foodie/ drinking tour of Manly Making sure to steer well clear of places like The Steyne and similar venues, the girls were rounded up and off we went to Manly. We went on Sunday, a day that started out amazingly hot and sunny by the water, turning into a slightly cooler and rainy night by the time we had settled into a darker bar. The itinerary: Manly... Read More

Reviews of foodie books

Idea: If you love your food, why not read about it and get some inspiration One of the great things about having your Birthday and Christmas in the one month is the fantastic presents, the endless great food and the non-stop parties! Naturally, quite a few of my presents involved the theme of food. I was given some great cooking and food related books, and here they are: Sushi &... Read More

AGWA Yacht Club boat party & dinner/ singing at Mizuya

Idea: spend all day on a boat soaking up good music, then have a Japanese eating and Karaoke fest It was sunny. It was hot. There was a nice slight breeze out on the water. I made sure to get enough sleep the night before. Yup, I was ready to board the AGWA Yacht Club boat. The MARTIN BUTTRICH JAZZANOVA AGWA YACHT CLUB 008 to be precise. Not much can beat a day out in the sun,... Read More

Dinner & Karaoke @ Ju Ju

Idea: Karaoke and dinner somewhere interesting @ Ju Ju in Kings Cross “Goody and delicious” – Ju Ju. Who could possible hate that slogan? My friends assure me that normally the staff at Ju Ju aren’t as stressed as they were when we went last Saturday night. We literally had to grab someone to serve us, but every restaurant has an off night. We had shabu... Read More