Cocktail making at Emmilou and the Carrington


When your cocktail making course is meant to start at 2pm, you know you’re going to be in trouble later that night. After a bit of a mix up, (thinking we were part of the large and loud hen’s party) we had a cocktail before our lesson began and read to each other, one from a French phrase book and the other in Italian. Hey, those books were just sitting there just begging... Read More

Going loco, El Loco that is


Before heading off to get some $5 taco goodness with Miss J, A and H, the work girls and I decided to grab a drink at Cafe Lounge before we went our separate ways for the night. It was happy hour and we braved the $5 drinks, some faring worse than others in our drink selection. Miss R made faces into her whisky. The white was luckily drinkable and we settled into a booth amongst... Read More

A drink with Hemingway and the Manly Food and Wine Festival


Hemingway’s Bar on Manly’s Beachfront tells you to: “come down it’s mad.” Well, I better do as Mr Hemingway says or he’ll get mad! The Manly Food and Wine Festival seems like a good chance to do this. We decide to check out the festival first and head into Hemingway’s Manly when the weather turns for the worse. We stroll around the festival,... Read More

The White Hart


Ever since I saw a photo of the Breakfast Mojito, homemade mojito toothpaste + imbibe of rum + mouthwash + candied mint – deconstructed mojito with an invigorating feel, I’ve wanted to check out The White Hart in Neutral Bay! With Grant Collins looking after drinks, Danny Russo doing food, James Young: wine and design by Paul Kelly, it sounds like somewhere worth checking... Read More

Eating and drinking our way to Broken Hill and back


Just a word of warning, there are going to be a lot of photos for this post! (And many more that I haven’t put up). The Boy and I decided to drive to Broken Hill for the Easter/Anzac Day long weekend. 5 days off work, utter bliss. Hearing what those who stayed in Sydney for the weekend did, we were glad we got out of it. It rained in Sydney for the whole break, but on our... Read More

Learning to Fly 101 & a Camden Pub lunch

Idea: Learn to fly! One of my birthday presents was learning to fly. There are quite a few different companies that you can do this with. You’ll find that most of them go from Camden Airport, as it’s little plane heaven. They go through a quick run through of the controls and such and then all of a sudden it’s takeoff. Going through low clouds More... Read More

The girls food and booze tour of Manly

Idea: Grab the girls and do a foodie/ drinking tour of Manly Making sure to steer well clear of places like The Steyne and similar venues, the girls were rounded up and off we went to Manly. We went on Sunday, a day that started out amazingly hot and sunny by the water, turning into a slightly cooler and rainy night by the time we had settled into a darker bar. The itinerary: Manly... Read More