Good Food and Wine Show


Cooking demonstrations and wine tasting galore. I was in heaven. Food and wine heaven that is. The Boy and I knew that our stomachs and livers were going to get a proper workout on Saturday in Darling Harbour amongst this massive crowd of fellow foodies and wine drinkers. I can now safely say that I’m a true wine glass snob after attending a Riedel wine tasting class. I can... Read More

New Foodie Magazine with a twist: Condiment, Adventures in Food and Form


Yes, there are quite a few foodie magazines out there. Masterchef ones, food and travel ones and a lot of different cooking ones, including all of those horrble weight loss cooking ones (eugh). But Condiment is different, it mixes food and art. More a zine, than a magazine, it’s only up to Issue 02: Questionable Taste. It’s full of strange decoupaged images and articles... Read More

Reviews of foodie books

Idea: If you love your food, why not read about it and get some inspiration One of the great things about having your Birthday and Christmas in the one month is the fantastic presents, the endless great food and the non-stop parties! Naturally, quite a few of my presents involved the theme of food. I was given some great cooking and food related books, and here they are: Sushi &... Read More