Top 5 ‘hole in the wall’ eateries


It is no secret that size does matter in some situations. Along with an attractive aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. However these insights sometimes stop us from experiencing some of the better eateries in town. I went around Sydney in search of culinary excellence that often had a no frills approach to decorating, and in some cases size wise looked like a babies crib. I... Read More

Brooklyn Hide Bagels: Breakfast in the boroughs


I’m a huge fan of brunch and of bagels, but the bagel trend seemed to be dying somewhat of late. Much to my disappointment, the few cafes that still offer them, serve them only with a light condiment or spread. While Philadelphia on a blueberry bagel is divine, I feel that a bagel is designed to hold a lot more filling. So when I discovered a number... Read More

Down in the Garden: Gardener’s Lodge in Victoria Park


I use to wonder, strolling past the old Gardener’s Lodge in the corner of Victoria Park, whether it would ever be reopened. The idea of turning it into a café seemed natural considering the location. But I was still surprised to find out that that was exactly what had happened. Finally, on December 1st of 2012, the doors of the Gardener’s Lodge were open once more. Judging... Read More

The Workers


Take a stroll along Darling Street, the main thoroughfare of Balmain, and you’ll probably encounter a few prams, overpriced boutique retailers, street bins that have a special hole for recycling, milk crates used as café seating and, of course, probably some more prams.   This wasn’t always the case, however, and back at the end of the 19th Century things were a bit simpler... Read More

The Baron


The Hills District of North-West Sydney is not what you’d call ‘hip and happening.’ Sure, there are hipsters, but they’ll often migrate towards places like Hillsong, or run into the arms of the inner west. It’s not often you’ll find a café with a cool vibe, good people, tasty food and coffee, all in one go in this part of this city. The Baron has started to change that.... Read More

The humble food truck: honing in on our desire for tasty late night fare


  What does one traditionally think when the food truck concept comes to mind? Personally, I envisage hot chips, meat pies and hot dogs set amidst a backdrop of music festivals, concerts, sportsgrounds and the like. Oh, and iconic Sydney establishment Harry’s Café De Wheels. This is not so much the case these days as the food truck as we know it has undergone somewhat of... Read More


spt10 626

T.T.’s in Surry Hills is one of those places that you want to shout from the rooftops about, but then again are not sure if you should really share your little secret. While it isn’t really hidden, it seems to be overlooked; almost as if it were 12 Grimauld Place and those who go there have been told by the Secret-keeper of its whereabouts (excuse... Read More

Lost in Chinatown: Crazy Wings and N2 Extreme Gelato

DSC_2903 copy

Getting lost, depending on the circumstances, can have either a positive or negative effect on your night. For us, heading out into Chinatown on a cold Thursday evening and getting lost turned quickly into a memorable night. Pics by one of Miss Feathers’ Friendly Crew: Josie Farquharson After hearing a few friends rave about a new Japanese restaurant... Read More

Kürtősh comes to Surry Hills


Being the daughter of a pastry chef, I like to think I know a thing or two when it comes cake, and cake related-outings. Recently, I’ve developed a teensy obsession with a bakery-cafe hybrid called Kürtősh. The concept behind Kürtősh is equal parts cool and kooky. An Australian first idea coined by three brothers, this place specializes in a traditional Hungarian dessert called... Read More

Darlie Laundromat, relax with a drink amongst the washing


Darlie Laundromat has music, art, simple cheap eats and some cheap beverages to consume amongst the hanging washing. I like the share house vibe and it reminds me of many of my friend’s houses during uni. I feel at home here. The food is made in a small side area, either salads or food heated up with a large sandwich press, such as mini dogs ($4-$5) or a mushroom steak sandwich... Read More