Beautiful Strange Pop up Art Bar


    What they say: Get ready for a bar like you’ve never seen before: a cocktail of impassioned young designers, performers and visual artists are teaming up to produce a two-week pop-up that will transport you to their strange and beautiful world. It’s going to be a pop-up art bar (yes, I can’t help but squeal with excitement at that word), which will be operating... Read More

Biennale Bar @ Pier 2/3 – Programmed by dLux MediaArts


Pier ⅔ is simply made for pop-ups. Its cavernous space is a blank canvas that lets you have your way with it, like that best friend of yours who is always willing to be a part of your latest crazy idea, even when a sane person would tell you to go and seek therapy instead. The space is already currently decked out with artworks from the 18th Biennale of Sydney and Tiffany Singh’s... Read More

Artbar me up baby: Eddie Sharp at MCA


After loving the concept of Jurassic Lounge I had quite high expectations for Artbar at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I love the idea of strolling around museums after dark with a glass of wine. So last Friday night some friends and I decided to check out the second Artbar, curated by Eddie Sharp. The inflatables Inflate my Heart with 1000 Gushes of Wind by Swanbrero (Lara Thoms... Read More

Underbelly Arts


Underbelly Arts where eating books, dumpster diving, growing plants in suitcases and screaming at strangers is aok. Um… so what is it I hear you ask. Well, it’s held on Cockatoo Island and has a  10-day residency The Lab, which is a chance to watch experimental art unfold, followed by the 1 day festival to show off these works. Hmm.. sounds pretty interesting you say.... Read More

Dancing with dinosaurs at Jurassic Lounge makes you Phamish-ed


I figured with only two weeks let of Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum, I had better get there quick smart (at the time this was first published).  Miss S and I arrived at the Museum straight after work (6pmish) and there was no queue, but still enough people to create a good vibe. We got our free drink (included in the $15 entry price) and began to wander around. You suddenly... Read More

Drinks on an Island. Cockatoo Island that is

Amazing sunset on the ferry back to Circular Quay

Utilising old shipping containers and deck chairs with umbrellas and the heritage listed industrial bits and pieces, The Island Bar tries to keep within the nature of Cockatoo Island. With drinks served by Bacco barman Marco Faraone, this is one seriously chilled venue that also serves up an amazing vantage spot to watch sunsets from. It even plays music like Don’t worry be... Read More

Getting all greeny in Greenhouse by Joost


I’ve been wanting to come here since I first heard about this amazing structure with strawberry pots as walls, views of both the Sydney Opera House and hte Harbour Bridge. Yes, it’s got the location, it’s got the food and it’s got the vibe. The only thing it needs to work on is service. Although Greenhouse leaves Sydney for its international tour at the... Read More