Getting all social – at the Gin Mill Social


Slide is going all prohibition on us on Thursday nights. You’ll enter via the side door (so the cops don’t notice) and after pulling back the curtain, you’ll enter their Gin Mill Social drinking den. There’s the usual Slide style entertainment – burlesque performers, magicians, a guy balancing chairs on his chin, and some slightly different ones –... Read More

The End of the World at the End of The Wharf


How did you spend the End of the World? (Capitals warranted because the Mayans, while wrong, did manage to make quite a fuss thousands of years after they made the prediction). If you’d chosen the Bar at the End of the Wharf, you would have chosen well. Not only were we treated to symbolic word play simply by being there, we also took part in a good-natured countdown at the... Read More

The Smallest Gig: Winter Ball


Last Sunday night Rose Bay became home to The Smallest Gig’s monthly shindig. Sydney-siders travelled deep into the eastern suburbs to find an aged, cozy mansion for a winter ball. Shoulder to shoulder, we sat together surrounded by romantic candle light, while sipping soup and wine, listening to Sydney’s best up and coming artists (handpicked by organizers Holly and Eloise). The... Read More

Sketch Me Happy – A Night of Burlesque Life Drawing at Dr Sketchy’s

Josie Farquharson

Burlesque shows and life drawing do not often go hand in hand. But after arriving at a packed venue on a Tuesday night that required pre-booked tickets, we knew we were in for something special, (particularly after we were handed a sketch pad and drink ticket at the door).   Pics by one of Miss Feather’s friendly crew: Josie Farquharson Dr... Read More

Sydney Rock n’ Roll and Alternate markets


The Sydney Rock n’ Roll and Alternate markets is without a doubt one of the most unique and intriguing gatherings that Sydney has to offer. It was on again last Sunday, and as usual, it was like spending the day in a strange nostalgic world. Circulating through the crowd, you couldn’t help but feel like you had stumbled onto the set of a 1950’s period drama. Never in my life... Read More

Good Food and Wine Goodness


My second foray into the land of food and alcoholic beverages at Darling Harbour last weekend was met with some extremely random goodness. This ranged from samples of Jazz apples (a new variety apparently) and possibly one of the only healthy things I ate all day, to freshly cooked pasta at the Barilla cooking demonstration area, some bizarre very sugary Asian tea concoctions, lots... Read More



WIM’s album launch was at Paddington church. It’s a pretty unique venue for a music gig. Especially with fake plants and all of the smoke from a smoke machine. I can’t imagine every church being cool with being used this way, but the Paddington crowd must be use to this by now. There was a bar set up, a Mongolian throat singer and another musician who would record... Read More

Good Food for Bad People: El Capo


Good Food for Bad People: El Capo. I wasn’t feeling particularly badass last Friday night, although I was slightly wet from this nightmarish weather of late and I’m always in the mood for good food. We decided El Capo with it’s Latin American fare was in order for the evening. The Boy and I met for drinks at the Shakespeare beforehand, a local style, packed pub... Read More

La vin degustation du le Tour de France


The Boy booked a wine tasting. But it wasn’t just any wine tasting. This one followed the Tour de France route around France and had matching food. Perfect. It was held at the Sydney Wine Centre in Annandale. We begin with some French cheeses and a glass of Champagne and mingled with some other French wine obsessed... Read More

Underground Dining in Sydney. Shhh it’s secret!


I’m loving the underground dining scene in Sydney at the moment. I’ve just been reading Supper Club: Recipes and Notes from The Underground Restaurant written by a London blogger (aka Ms Marmite Lover) and underground restaurant provider: Kerstin Rodgers, which made me think about our options here in Sydney. The ones that I’m aware of are: Bite Club – run... Read More