Black pepper hot chocolate at Coco Chocolate

There is nothing quite like stumbling upon a place you never knew existed. You can imagine my surprise just recently when I was wondering around Mosman and, on a whim, turned down an alley off Military Road to discover a number of cafes and, to my delight, Coco Chocolate.

Looking at the articles plastered on the door at the entrance, I could immediately tell I had stumbled upon something special and I was not the first to have done so. Coco Chocolate was featured in the Louis Vuitton Sydney City Guide and is the current holder of the Business of the Year and Specialty Business of the Year awards.



The place itself is so quaint that walking in, I felt that I had transformed back into myself as a kid in a candy store – but this is not a lolly shop for kids, this is a special treat for grown ups. I walked around the tiny shop for ages, taking in all the different chocolates crammed lovingly onto wooden shelves and scattered thoughtfully along the counter. The chocolatey coloured wall features a beautiful tree mural and there is just a warmth to the space that is hard to describe.

When I decided that I definitely needed to try one of the hot chocolates from the many jars lining shelves behind the counter, l had to ask the girl if I could order a drink (this didn’t seem obvious like a normal cafe) and what I should have as a first timer. She said of course I could order but it took a lot of coaxing to get some suggestions out of her and while I first took this for disinterest, as she named one flavour after the other that she loved, I got the feeling that she just couldn’t decide which one to suggest!

Finally, I decided on a local favourite – the black pepper hot chocolate – and was not disappointed. Whoever came up with the idea to mix those two ingredients is a genius and my only minor issue was that I could sit and drink it in the confines of the beautiful, albeit tiny, shop. There was one big table up against the mural wall but the shop assistant was working at it so I enjoyed my hot chocolate as I walked around outside.

I also purchased a bag of organic dark chocolate with hazelnuts and sea salt flakes – another indication that this is a more adult chocolate shop. The flavours were both intense and sophisticated and definitely not sweet enough for kiddos but an excellent treat to share with my dark-chocolate loving parents later in the week. And did we annihilate that chocolate? We did, indeed!

During my adventure at Coco Chocolate I discovered that they also hold chocolate classes which sound like great fun. They have another store at Kirribilli that I’d love to check out and the chocolatier is nearby in Mosman where you can see the chocolate-making happening right in front of you. If nothing else, I look forward to going back there to try some more of the hot chocolate flavours – dark chocolate and cranberry, anybody?


Words and pics by one of Miss Feather’s friendly crew: Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Coco Chocolate

Where: Myahgah Mews Mosman, Rear 565 Military Rd, Mosman

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00 – 17:00

Phone: (02) 9960 6540

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